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Dr. Kristin L. Wulff


Kristin L. Wulff, M.D.

Canna Therapeutics was developed by Kristin L. Wulff, MD after years of watching patients with chronic medical illnesses suffer from various types of pain.  A graduate of Pennsylvania State University College of Medicine, Dr. Wulff has worked in the Central Florida region in the long term care setting as a board certified Wound Specialist.  She has a vested interest in providing relief to those with debilitating injuries and complex medical issues.  She created Canna Therapeutics to allow patients with qualifying conditions to utilize Medical Cannabis, CBD or Hemp rather than rely upon traditional medicine. She understands that most pharmaceuticals come with side effects that lead toward more pharmaceuticals. She will assist you at every step in the process, provide compassionate care and educate you about cannabis products.  Your quality of life is her number one priority.


Emily Mudryk

Emily has been in the medical field for over ten years helping patients with hands-on care in a variety of settings. She has seen the relief patients have received through the use of medical cannabis. She had educated herself on the benefits of hemp and cannabis and is here to help you with any questions or concerns you may have.

Emily Mudryk
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