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What Is Your New Patient Procedure?

At your initial visit, you will be required to fill out new patient documentation. Once complete, our physician will evaluate you and review your medical history. She will then determine if you will benefit from the use of Medical Cannabis and issue her recommendations accordingly.

Are your services covered by my insurance?

No, at this time Medical Marijuana Services are not covered by insurance and are self-pay only.

Can I get a same-day appointment? Do you offer walk-in clinic services?

We do not offer walk-in services as we are by appointment only. Pease contact us and we will schedule you as soon as possible.

What documentation do I need to bring to my appointment?

You must bring current, up-to-date records from the doctor who you are currently seeing regarding your condition along with a medication list.

I am a seasonal resident, do I still qualify?

If you are a seasonal resident, you must provide two of the following that show proof of residential address:

A deed, monthly mortgage statement, mortgage payment booklet, or residential renal or lease agreement.

One proof of residential address from the seasonal residents parent, step-parent, legal guardian or other person with whom the resident does reside with him or her. 

A utility hookup or work order dated within 60 days before registration in the medical use registry or a utility bill, not more than 2 months old.

Mail from a financial institution including checking, savings or investment account statements, not more than 2 months old or mail from a federal, state, county or municipal government agency, not more than 2 months old or any other documentation that provides proof of residential address as determined by department rule.

What are the steps to follow after my consultation with the physician?

Once your physician enters you into the Medical Marijuana Use Registry, she will provide you with your patient ID number. This is the number you will need to use to apply for your Registry Identification Card, which is required.

Once you have your ID number you must apply for your Registry Identification Card at Once your application is approved, you will be able to visit a Medical Marijuana Treatment Center (MMTC) to fill your order.