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THC Reduces Ocular Eye Pressure and Improves Blood Circulation in the Retina

Updated: Aug 23, 2020

Glaucoma can severely affect your vision over time. Increased pressure in your eye can damage your optic nerve causing eye pain, vision issues and, over time, can even cause blindness. It is important to get regular eye exams as the majority of people who have glaucoma have little to no symptoms. A recent study performed to investigate the effects of cannabinoids on reducing eye pressure in patients with glaucoma and other eye disease is promising.

This study included 8 healthy individuals who were administered THC orally. Their intraocular eye pressure was taken as well as retinal hemodynamics before oral administration and two hours after. The study showed a significant decrease in intraocular eye pressure and an increase in retinal hemodynamics of all 8 individuals.

This study is promising and shows some of the wonderful effects THC can have on the body and how it can be beneficial in treating ocular circulatory diseases.

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