Our physician is state-approved to provide medical marijuana evaluations. Please see our pricing below.

We also offer an evaluation specific to patients who are naive about using medical marijuana. For more information on this service please contact us.

New Patient Visit

For all new patients we require a new patient visit in which we will review your medical record and discuss the best therapeutic regimen for you goals and needs. Please bring any medical records related to your illness.

Cancer Diagnosis - $150 New Patient Visit


Follow Up Visit

Follow up visits are scheduled on a per-patient basis as needed. Most patients will need at least one follow-up visit per year.


210-Day Renewal Visit

The Florida Department of Health requires patients to be certified for the use of medical marijuana every 210 days, or seven months.

Certification requires patients to have an in-person visit with a physician for a medical evaluation and medical marijuana recommendation.


Dispensary Escort 

Canna Therapeutics offers this service to any patient that needs a little extra assistance when it comes to choosing the right product.


Either our physician or a knowledgeable staff member will escort you to the dispensary of your choice, as long as the dispensary is within 20 miles of our office.  


Home Visits

House in blue

We offer home visits at an extra cost. We will come to your home for the initial visit and then again after you are approved by the state to talk about dosing recommendations. 


State Application Assistance & Renewal


The State of Florida requires that you renew your medical license every year prior to expiration date. If you are not computer savvy or need assistance with this application, we can assist for an additional fee. Renewal applications should be completed 45 days prior to the expiration date of your license.